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Cocoa Bail Bond Agency

Bail bonds guarantee the appearance of the defendant in court each time he or she is required to appear. The bond is in effect for the entire case, not just the first court appearance as some might think. The person signing to guarantee the bond is the "indemnitor". The indemnitor is financially responsible for the defendant while out on bond. Any cost or loss as a result of the defendant not appearing in court at the required times will obligate the indemnitor to pay those costs. The indemnitor will sign a promissory note and indemnity agreement that guarantees payment of the costs, or in the event the forfeiture needs to be paid, the entire bond amount. Bond fees are non-refundable and are earned once the bond has been executed and posted at the jail. The fees are a minimum of $100.00 on all bonds less than $1,000.00 and 10% on bonds over $1,000.00. While on bond the defendant cannot leave the jurisdiction of the court without first obtaining written permission from the Surety (bondsman) and the court. The defendant cannot move from one address to another without first notifying the Surety in writing of the new address.


Cash bonds are posted at the jail with a money order or cashiers check for the entire amount of the bond. All court costs and fines are deducted from the bond when the case is over, and if there is anthing left (which is unusual) you might get a check back. DO NOT POST A CASH BOND UNLESS YOU WANT TO LOSE ALL YOUR MONEY!

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